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Sea Creature Poem
The Beauty of the Sea
Composite History Poem
The Secret Cove
My Ocean Poem
The Smile of an Old Friend
Sea Hanker
Bloody Corner
Beneath the Beyond
Fragments of the whole
the burrows dimple with iron pimple
composite poem
Upon these Pages
The Seagull
The Burrows Are
I Must Come Down to the Burrows Again
Oh Appledore Shore
Littoral Alliteration part III
Littoral Alliteration part II
Littoral Alliteration part 1
A Week Away
out with the dogs
The Egg Waiters
the bay
Beach-combers and others
Mia’s Hotel
Memorial 360
The Walk
Northam Graveyard
Trees that Throw


The goal of Northam Library Poetry Pin is to share and discover poetry by walking with your device in a localised zone.

Each pin on the map represents a poem.
To read, just walk over to a pin.
The poem's title will then appear in the "Unlocked Poems" list.
Tap the title to read.

To add your own poetry, tap the "Add Poem" button in the top right.
Your device must have a data connection and you must be within the zone at the time of writing.